What are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are made of synthetic fibers. They are applied using a professional adhesive, made with ingredients similar to those found in liquid stitches. Eyelash extensions add length, curl and volume to your natural lashes and can be customized to enhance and draw attention to your eyes. Extensions come in a variety of thicknesses, lengths and colors.

How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?

With proper at home care, the adhesive will last anywhere from 6-8 weeks. However, you shed 3-5 natural lashes everyday. Which is why refills are recommended every 2-3 weeks. There are many factors that could affect the retention of your extensions, including improper home care, not cleaning the lash line, oily eyelids, the use of oil-based products on or around the eyes, medications, allergies, thyroid or hormonal issues, lifestyle, seasonal changes and so much more.

How long are Eyelash Extension Appointments?

Appointments can take anywhere from 2-4 hours depending on the desired style and the amount of natural lashes. Please schedule accordingly and make sure you can stay the entirety of your appointment.

How Do I Clean My Eyelash Extensions?

It's necessary to clean and brush your lashes/lash line daily to prevent eye irritation, infection, blepharitis or other eye health issues. To do so, use an oil-free makeup remover to fully remove any makeup/debris in the lashes to keep your lashes healthy and allow the lashes to perform their primary function of keep things out of your eyes. We retail an amazing foam cleanser that is specially formulated for eyelash extension wearers that's gentle and safe on both the natural lash and the extension adhesive.

Can I Swim, Shower, Exercise or Tan While Wearing Eyelash Extensions?

We ask that you refrain from getting your lashes wet within the first 24 hours. After the initial 24 hours you can participate in all of these activities, however cleansing your lashes after each swim, workout or tanning session is recommended to avoid build-up along the lash line.

Do Eyelash Extensions Damage Your Natural Lashes?

A properly trained and certified lash artist knows how to select and apply eyelash extensions based on the length and strength of your natural lashes. Your lash artist's first priority should be to preserve the health of your natural lashes. Your eyelash extensions should never hurt or cause your natural lash to break off. It is recommended to never pull or tug on your extensions so as not to damage the natural lash.

Can I Wear Makeup/Mascara?

The eyelash extensions and the adhesive are both deep black to give the appearance of mascara and often times eyeliner, so makeup is not really necessary. If you decide to wear  makeup/mascara, avoid oil based and waterproof products as they will break down the bond of the extension.