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Tampa body waxing

Residing in Florida has most of us living in our bathing suits, so having smooth, supple skin is an every day staple.

At Pure Bliss Beautique we provide flawless waxing services that will leave you feeling refreshed and smooth. Whether you want a simple brow wax or a bold brazilian, we have services for every type of woman. 

Body Waxing Services

Here at Pure Bliss Beautique, we take pride in helping clients enjoy their most beautiful selves. We implement only the leading techniques and use effective products to leave you feeling smooth and fresh long after your appointment. 

Tampa body waxing

Brazilian                              $55

Bikini Full                            $45

Bikini Line                           $20

Underarms                         $20
Upper Leg                          $45

Lower Leg                          $45

Full Leg                              $90

Brow Clean Up                 $20

Brow Sculpt                      $40

Chin                                   $12

Upper Lip                          $10
Full Face                            $40     

Tampa face waxing
Facial Waxing Services

Waxing can leave your face smooth and free of hair for weeks. It’s an inexpensive option with long-lasting results. AND the more you wax the less hair you’ll grow! 

includes: brow mapping, waxing, tint and highlight

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